3 min readFeb 17, 2023

Wagergang is not only a Dapp. We will launch the first and most complete blockchain sports result and data ORACLE ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🏒🥊. Our Oracle will take all LIVE sports data (present and past) and transfer them on blockchain in full transparency. All data will automatically be verified from many different sources to ensure their accuracy.

The Oracle will be available to be used by different Dapp on different blockchain for small fees. Those fees will contribute to the financial health of the GANG token.

Staking/Token Emissions

Staking is available in two ways:

  • Earn directly from a dedicated staking pool
  • Take a position in an Automated Play Pool

As soon as you enter into a sports event pool, you start earning staking rewards. If you lock your GANG token into a sports event pool 48 hours before the sports event ends, you will receive staking rewards for these 48 hours.

8,000,000 GANG tokens will be released over a period of two years. Over these two years, they will be released with a decaying emissions schedule. Below is our planned block reward schedule.

Ultimately these staking rewards will become insignificant. The protocol will then transition into a fees redistribution model

Collect NFTs

The Wager Gang NFT ecosystem will be implemented gradually. These NFTs will provide various perks, starting with the following features:

  • Redeemable in GANG 💰
  • Tradable in marketplaces 🛒
  • Stakable 📈
  • Embedded perks like unique family merch store promotions & exclusivities 🎁
  • More to come with official partnerships 🤝


NFTs will be distributed through:

  • Play Pools
  • Auctions
  • Lootboxes (classified in different sports categories)
  • Airdrops

Use Case

Find your favorite pool

After finding your sports game pool through various filters, select your team and enter the GANG token amount you want to add in the pool.

Before entering the pool you can see your entry fee discount along with the current odds. Don’t forget, the earlier you enter the pool, the higher the fees discount! Once you enter the pool, it shows your % share of the pool and your potential gains.

At the end of the sports event, if your team wins, you will be able to withdraw your investment in addition to your share of the GANG tokens invested on the losing side.

EXEMPLE: New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos

Patriots fans deposited 2000 GANG tokens in the pool.

Broncos fans deposited 1000 GANG tokens in the pool.

As a Broncos fan, you add 150 GANG tokens in the Broncos pool.

The Broncos pool now amounts to 1150 GANG.

Your share of the pool equals 150 / 1150 = 13.04 %

The match starts, locking the pool until its settlement.

The game goes on… Look at the nice girl in the third row! wow 😜


The oracle registers the score, unlocking the pool for withdrawal.

When you withdraw, you get your Broncos pool contribution back (150 GANG tokens) plus your share of the Patriots pool (13.04% * 2000 = 260.86 GANG tokens) for a total of 410.86 GANG tokens.

BOOOOOOMM! You also have the right to Trash talk the fan of the loosing team 😎


Wagergang is a decentralized play pools provider for sports and esports events running on the BSC